Royal Invitations | House of Digital Invitations


Question 1 – Do you provide e-card for free along with video invitation?
Answer – We do not provide it for free because Video Invitation and e-card are 2 different products and have their own charges.

Question 2 -How much do you charge for invitation?
Answer – Invitation charges are based on their template design and work , you can send us by selecting the template of your choice and get the complete information’s about its budget along with other details.

Question 3 – How many times changes are allowed after the approval of final project?
answer – After the approval of final project , we provide you five time changes in your project.

Question 4 – Do you make invitation as PDF also?
Answer – Yes we do make PDF invitations, and you can add more pages in your invite without additional charge.

Question 5 – Can the changes be done after the Final Delivery?
Answer – After Final Delivery we provide any 5 changes for free, but subsequent changes are chargeable.

Question 6 -can the invitation be the same for both the bride and groom?
Answer – No, the invitation can not be the same for bride and groom.

Question 7 – Can there be 2 video invites with different event details?
Answer – Yes, you can make 2 or more then 2 invitation videos or cards with different details.

Question 8 – Can you add additional slides according to the customers in the video invitation?
Answer – Yes, we can Add additional slide but the customer has to pay extra charges for that.

Question 9 – What is the duration of the video invitation?
Answer -Normal Duration of video invitation is 1 – 1:30 minutes. but video duration also depends on the content of the client . Also video duration is adjustable according to client choice.

Question 10 – Can you remove the Royal Invitations Branding from the Final Invites or Video Invites?
Answer – All the final invites come with our branding at the end , Hope you make us a part of your happiness.

Question 11 – Do you make characters similar to your appearance?
Answer – Yes we make caricatures, doodles or characters similar to your actual appearance.

Question 12 – Can you modify the doodles/characters in your existing template?
Answer – Yes they are changeable, you can select any doodle for your invite from our posted samples.

Question 13 – How many pages are there in E-invitations?
Answer – E-invites can be a one pager or you can have multiple pages depending on your requirement having per page cost.

Question 14 – Can we have our photo in the video invite?
Answer – Yes you can have your photos in the video invite, as well as you can add photos of your parents.

Question 15 – Do you offer any discounts on the cost of the invitationsh?
Answer – No, we don’t give discount because Our prices are absolutely reasonable and competitive, hence it stays fixed and no bargaining. Discounts are subjected.

Question 16 – Can you mix two template designs and make it one?
Answer – No, the templates can not be mixed.

Question 17 – What language do you use to make invitations?
Answer – We make invites in Hindi, English and Marathi Languages.

Question 18 – Do you design story based invites ,theme based invitation or a customized invitation?
Answer – We only take orders for the samples which we have posted on our website and take minor customizations in them, if any client wants to make customized, story based and theme based invitation then they have to pay extra cost for that and delivery of invitation will also be done with in 5 to 7 days.

Question 19 – Do you deliver the invites on WhatsApp?
Answer – Yes we will deliver it on WhatsApp as well as on your Email to keep the HD quality intact.

Question 20 – How we will send the digital invitations to invite our guests?
Answer – As everyone is online now, you can send the invites through WhatsApp, Email or any another Online Messenger.

Question 21 – Do you share open Files for the Invites?
Answer – We only share the Final usable invites(Jpeg, PDF, Mp4, GIF), no project files are shared.

Question 22 – Do you Print the Invitation?
Answer – We do not print it ,Our products are for digital use only.

Question 23 – Do you refund the payment once invite is created and delivered?
Answer – If your invite is created and you also paid then the payment will not be refunded, Yes! if there is any mistake in the invite then we can edit it without any cost.