Know Royal Invitations

Royal Invitation is a platform that makes digital invitations of all three languages ​​English, Hindi, Marathi, digital invitation can be made in three ways
1- Card Invitation (jpg, jpeg, pdf)
2- Video Invitation (Mp4)
3- Gif Invitation (Gif )

Marriage is the union of two souls, also the union of two hearts, and everyone wants to make every function of such a special occasion beautiful and memorable. Invitation is also a part of those functions, which is sent first to invite your guests. Royal Invitation understands the importance of a perfect invitation to a function. That’s why Royal Invitations provides you the digital invitation of your choice.

We have a wide variety of invitations that you can choose from on our website.

Although every invitation is of a different type, which you will like directly, yet if you want to make customs according to you, you can get it done, like font, background music, color of video, speed of video.